Three-dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry ?

Three dimensional particle tracking velocimetry (3D-PTV) is one of the velocimetry methods, i.e a technique to measure velocity of particles. 3D-PTV is the three-dimensional method, measuring velocity and velocity gradients along particle trajectories, i.e. in Lagrangian framework, in three dimensions and in time. This is among the few techniques that can measure objects motion in the fluid flow of whatever complexity, three-dimensionality and unsteadiness. It is possible to obtain full field of velocity, velocity derivatives along with the Lagrangian acceleration and its spatial derivatives of higher moments. Read more on Wikipedia.

What is Open source Particle Tracking Velocimetry

The OpenPTV foundation is a collaborative effort of several research groups who joined in order to develop better software for 3D-PTV.

Getting Started

  1. Read more about what this method is and what it is not: 3D-PTV
  2. Read the installation instructions for a few-clicks-away version or full open-source compilation: Installation
  3. Try one of the data example sets following our screencast tutorials

Software development is managed on Github

  1. LGPL licensed liboptv library and MIT-licensed Python GUI
  2. Data examples

We also maintain the original Zurich code C+Tcl/Tk version (including test folder) - stable version, development halted

Support and contact info

Ask your questions on our Google group based mailing list or drop us an e-mail to

If you are interested in commercial applications and full commercial support, ask the group or write to photrack Ltd


There are several projects abbreviated openptv or similar - if you are looking for the Open Source Personal Transport Vehicle, follow

Note that there are few methods that use similar names but different goals. OpenPTV is not related to:

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